• Employment Permits + Visas

  • Flight Arrangements with Meet & Greet

  • Transportation Services

  • Workspace & Housing Arrangements

  • Expatriate Management

  • Manpower Supply: 300+ personnel

Employment Permits

Obtaining an employment permit is essential for anyone seeking employment in Guyana on a long-term basis. Let us efficiently manage this process for you to ensure compliance with all local immigration laws and regulations.

  • Permit to Land for Work or Business

  • Business Visas

  • Work Permits

Flight Arrangements with Meet & Greet

We provide guidance and assistance for your journey by our friendly and professional team. 

  • Management of flight coordination

  • Assistance with bookings for direct and layover flights

  • Processing of all necessary paperwork for your visit

Transportation Services

Transportation Services are available on demand with your safety and comfort in mind. Our drivers have over 50 years of combined experience and are certified as Defensive Drivers.

  • Choose among sedans, SUVs and shuttles for:

  • Airport trips

  • Hotel and Accommodation

  • Around town

  • Around the Country

Workspace & Housing Arrangements

Our team will assist with arranging accommodation for your security and comfort in Guyana.

  • Hotel reservations

  • Fully equipped Offices

  • Rental houses

Expatriate Management

With our guidance and assistance, you can be sure that there will be less to worry about in your relocation to Guyana. We cover:

  • All local handling

  • packing/unpacking

Personnel Management

Our management system allows our clients to focus on their operations.With a dedicated point of contact to manage your specific needs, we provide the following services:

  • ​Recruiting for your business

  • Administrative Support

  • Payroll Support

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