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The Guyana Shore Base Inc. (GYSBI) is the preferred offshore support for Oil and Gas Operator companies in Guyana. By offering services such as waste management, PPE, and chemical storage, GYSBI has expanded far beyond the traditional pipe yards found in Guyana.

GYSBI currently employs over 350 individuals maintaining an average of 95% local workforce. GYSBI is dedicated to the development and promotion of Guyanese people through formal tiered training programs including safety and communication skills.

At present GYSBI occupies 130 acres of land South of the Guyana capital of Georgetown and is strategically located north of the Demerara Harbor Bridge, enabling the most efficient logistic solutions compared to other shorebase companies in Guyana. GYSBI offers access to all offshore developments in Guyana and Suriname.

GYSBI shore base, with immediate water access and 2 berths, consists of 28 acres of developed land. To increase operational efficiencies allowing our team to load and unload up to 8 boats in 24 hours period, we offer a free material staging area to all of our clients. GYSBI also holds an additional 100 acres of land developed to suit a myriad of needs, from simple storage to complex chemical mixing and loading.


GYSBI’s mission is to become Guyana’s one-stop-shop for all offshore support businesses. To fulfill this goal our team includes dedicated experts in the areas of permitting and licensing, real estate, and procurement. Having these services available in-house allows our clients to focus on their priority; service excellence and safety.


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