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Water Treatment Specialist





We are currently seeking an experienced Water Treatment Specialist to join our rapidly growing team. Core responsibility for this role is oversite of the water treatment plant (WTP) and the wash bay in keeping with the quality assurance, control, and operational standards of the company.


Job Type: Long Term Role with 12-hour shifts



Interested candidates are required to have:

  • Minimum of three (3) years working experience in a supervisor position

  • Degree in Biology/Chemistry/Environmental Science/Studies along with at least five (5) years post working experience in related field

  • Water treatment, testing and sampling experience   

  • Knowledge of water treatment processes, basic scientific concepts and water quality standards and regulations in accordance with WHO, ANSI, AWWA or HACCP

  • Knowledge of PPE and basic safety precautions



The successful candidate will perform duties such as:

  • Be accountable for the day-to-day operations of the water treatment and wash bay facilities

  • Monitor the Collection, Screening and Straining, Chemical Dozing, Coagulation-Flocculation, Sedimentation, Filtration, Storage, and Distribution of the quality standards the facility was designed

  • To ensure that the procedures for operating the WTP and wash bay are adhered to as documented by the manufacturer and also the company (update as seen necessary)

  • Order and review test results of samples (3rd party and in house) and make necessary quality assurance adjustments to the water treatment process as required

  • Inspect equipment and monitor operating conditions

  • Schedule and execute preventative maintenance on the facility as directed by the manufacturer

  • To develop and maintain a database for monitoring and to continuously improve the performance standards

  • Effectively communicate to management on the operation of the facilities

  • Able to organize, plan and execute work effectively, independently and within teams

  • Other duties assigned relating to the objectives and responsibilities



Compensation will be based on academic qualification and experience.


Closing Date: Wednesday January 20th, 2021

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