GYSBI is an equal opportunities employer with a focus on extending more employment opportunities to those who want to be trained to support every aspect of the onshore logistics and supply base operations. GYSBI is committed to develop the local talent through knowledge transfer through experienced expat employees and our unique Competency Program which encourages career progression.


Construction Operator


The Construction Operator is responsible for driving, operating and controlling equipment utilized by the Construction Department, specifically excavators, graders, dozers or rollers.



  • Operate the equipment in a safe manner, minimizing the risk to you and others as well as to equipment and property.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Maneuvering motorized heavy equipment to ensure the accurate removal and placement of materials.

  • Loading and offloading rocks, debris, and other materials from heavy equipment.

  • Observing stipulated safety codes at all times.

  • Communicating with coworkers to elucidate project specifications, as needed.

  • Reporting damages, injuries and other accidents to the line manager.

  • Advising the line manager of requisite upgrades, repairs, and replacements.

  • Aiding coworkers to ensure that the site is clean and organized at the end of each shift.

  • Check and inspect equipment on site.

  • Ensure all safety checks are completed prior to operating.

  • If the equipment is not operated daily due to operational requirements, then ensure it is checked/started daily, to ensure its optimum operational readiness.

  • Comply with company policies and guidelines.

  • Keeping a safe working environment

  • Other duties as assigned relating to the job role.



Qualifications, Experience & Skills:

  • High school diploma or equivalent.

  • Minimum of three (3) years’ proven experience.

  • Holder of Motor Lorry/Motor Tractor License

  • Detailed knowledge of industrial equipment/machinery

  • High degree of alertness and attention to detail.

  • Good communication skills

  • Multi-tasking skills

  • Self-starter (willing to take initiative rather than waiting to be told what to do).

  • A sound understanding of pertinent safety guidelines.

  • Capacity to provide and follow direction.

  • Sharp decision-making skills, particularly when under pressure.

  • Ability to work extended hours, if required.

                                                  Closing Date: Monday May 3, 2021

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