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The goal of GYSBI is to provide everything needed to support offshore operations. The 28 acre site has 600 ft of wharf which can handle 2 vessels. New 2 berths and 100 acres of industrial park are under construction to expand GYSBI's capability to support ever increasing Offshore Oil and Gas Operations in Guyana. Yard space has been created to handle required weight loadings, with covered and outside storage.


Our current support includes:

  • Casing and drill pipe handling and washing

  • Bulk plant for drilling fluids

  • Bulk plant for oil well cementing

  • Waste management, including cuttings disposal

  • Fuel storage

  • Potable water treatment and storage

  • Office support

  • Freight forwarding and customer services

GYSBI shore base support in numbers:

  • Total 2 Berths; 2 new berths under construction

  • Crawler Cranes 180 ton and 160 ton

  • Mobile cranes 160 ton and 80 ton

  • Forklifts 4.5 ton to 25 ton

  • Trucks (tractors)

  • Trailers 40 ton to 100 ton, 40 ft to 89 ft

  • Shore Base Area 28 acres

  • Industrial Park 100 acres

  • Covered Warehouse Space 30,000 m2

  • Bulk Plant Services

  • Line Pipe and Tubular Handling, Cleaning and Storage Services

  • Personnel 300 + Employees

  • Supply of Potable Water from own Water Well and treatment Plant 70 cubic meter per hour capacity

  • Provision of 3, 4-million-liter Fuel Storage Capacity

Looking for additional services? Get in touch. GYSBI is committed to fully supporting all companies working in the Offshore Oil & Gas industry.

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