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US support shows all parties now consider Venezuelan claim “unacceptable and fabricated”- Greenidge

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Dated: November 19th, 2018

Guyana’s Foreign Affairs Minister Carl Greenidge has described as significant, the decision taken by the United States of America to stand behind Guyana on the controversy with neighbouring Venezuela.

At a farewell reception for US Ambassador Perry Holloway on Friday last, the US Embassy in Guyana officially announced the shift in position on the controversy.

Carl Greenidge, Guyana’s Foreign Affairs Minister
“Because the USA was a key player in the call for international arbitration as a means of resolving the original dispute, we are pleased to see the State Department put their moral and diplomatic weight behind the outcome of the process which Venezuela defended and embraced for some 63 years,” the Foreign Minister expressed.

Former Guyanese Natural Resources Minister, Robert Persaud also sees this new stance by the US as instrumental in ensuring energy security.

“This clarification of the US’ position clearly demonstrates the fact that the US and the Caribbean’s energy security is intrinsically linked to a peaceful, and  smooth functioning oil and gas sector in Guyana,” he told OilNOW on Sunday.

He believes that it is also a good sign for the continued development of hydro-carbons and pursuit of other potential opportunities offshore and onshore in Guyana.


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