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Guyana’s largest shore base goes 2 years without lost time injury

Published from OilNOW

Guyana Shore Base Inc. (GYSBI) celebrated two years without lost time injuries (LTI), earlier this month.

LTI refers to an injury sustained on the job by an employee, which results in the loss of productive work time. Lost time injuries encompass both temporary injuries that keep the employee away from work for a day, as well as permanent disabilities and conditions that prevent the employee from ever returning to the job or performing their regular work tasks. It is one of the key metrics that are tracked in the Quality Health Safety Security and Environment (QHSSE) Programme of a company or organisation to determine its effectiveness.

GYSBI’s QHSSE Manager, Andy Dowson, said the company understands the importance of health and safety, particularly in the oil and gas sector and as such, places heavy emphasis on a Safe Work Culture. He noted that the achievement is testament to investments made in training and staff development to deliver services in line with the industry’s best practices.

“This achievement is as a result of the collective efforts of our hardworking and dedicated QHSSE staff, Operations and Base Managers and the Operations, Field and Support Staff and their unwavering commitment to GYSBI’s Safe Work Culture and objective of ensuring everyone gets home safe. We aim to continue to build on this momentum and deliver world-class services at internationally recognised QHSSE standards,” he said.

GYSBI is also proud of its recent copping of two first places and one second place at the Ministry of Labour’s 2022 Occupational Health and Safety Awards.

The company emerged as the winner in the Medium Business and the Young Workers categories with Harendra Bacchus receiving the prize in the latter category while Elroy Vankennie, a staff member in the QHSSE Department was adjudged the Runner Up in the Individual category.

GYSBI is the largest shore base in Guyana, and employs over 500 Guyanese. It recently acquired 9001:2015 certification, in recognition of its efficient work processes.

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