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Announcing Shore Base Services with GYSBI

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Dated: August 8th, 2018

A new and exciting chapter in the development of Guyana’s natural resources and local content took shape earlier this summer, as Guyana Shore Base Inc (GYSBI), a majority Guyanese-owned corporation located in the Muneshwers Houston Port, was awarded a contract from ExxonMobil’s affiliate in Guyana.

GYSBI will provide shore base services to ExxonMobil for the development of Lisa Phase 1. This on shore facility will meet all the requirements of an international-level shore base and create an immediate source of new employment opportunities for Guyanese citizens.

“Guyana has an eager, robust workforce. It’s exciting to realize these jobs through this contract award; and it’s just the beginning. We see this partnership as part of the bigger picture; developing Guyana’s natural resources will have a ripple effect on the economy,” commented ExxonMobil Country Manager Rod Henson.

Commitment to Safety

GYSBI is a 4-company joint venture, of which Muneshwers Ltd (ML) is the senior partner. To secure the contract, GYSBI demonstrated an unwavering commitment to international health, safety and environmental standards; standards required to win contracts with ExxonMobil.

“Every aspect of our operation is about safety. We are also fully committed to hiring and training Guyanese workers, and operating with the highest ethics.” Said ML Executive Director Robin Muneshwer.

Facility Specifications

Once completed, the world class shore base will boast a waterfront operation which will span over 30 acres in greater Georgetown and have a modern, pre-stressed 600-foot concrete wharf.

GYSBI will also provide land and services to other ExxonMobil contractors in a variety of industries such as waste management, drilling supplies, fuel bunkering and freight forwarding.

Company Philosophy

In all areas of our work, GYSBI remains firmly committed to four primary goals:

1. Safety at all times and in all locations

2. Maximum local Guyana content

3. Ecologically sensitive operations

4. Superior quality in everything we do

At GSBI, we believe the above to be complementary and mutually inclusive. We dedicate ourselves to safe and excellent work to the benefit of Guyana.


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